Traditional Sabor
Aguas Frescas are drinks that originated in Mexico due to the climatic benefit of the mexican region, which allows the cultivation of
almost any fruit
They are made with water as a base, fruit pulp, sugar and ice and are most commonly served from grass beverage dispensers, known as “vitroleros”, as they display the intensity and great variety of colors, as well as the “perspiration” seen during the hot season. This undoubtedly an invitation for any passerby to refresh themselves deliciously or to simply accompany their meals. The shake of the ice, when the seller stirs the fruit pulp at the bottom of the vitrolero, is almost musical.
"Aguas Frescas are great with any type of Mexican food. They are easy to make and the amount of sugar is minimal since the fruit pulp already contains natural sweeteners."
Our Origins

The custom of drinking Aguas Frescas during Lent originated in the Bajío region of Mexico.

The tradition dictates that eight days before Holy Friday, an altar to María Dolorosa must be placed, to remember the pain the virgin suffered from the birth of Jesus till his death.

Previously, people from all over would visit the altar and ask, “Has the virgin cried?”. If someone answered yes, it meant they could go visit the altar inside the house and pray, and they would be given a glass of Aguas Frescas that represented the tears of the Virgin..
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