They have different colors and flavors. The “Aguas Frescas” (Fruit drinks) are a blend of tastes and tradition within an appealing glass container. They are the perfect combination of water, fruit pulp, sugar and the exact amount of ice to keep them cold, but not freezing, in a few words: fresh.

Te get refreshed or at lunch time, there is no one that resists the sound of ice hitting the glass container, which is produced when separating the pulp from the bottom and stiring the flavor, as if it was a ritual, just before serving it.

Naturally, a Mexican delight, full of flavor and tradition.

is the only brand of traditional Mexican aguas frescas that contain ingredients.

In all our products, you will only find:

At Klass we are concerned about the health of our consumers, that is why, our products contain the best natural ingredients to be able to share it with the whole family.

This thirst-quenching blend of flavors is the perfect way to combat a dry summer day.While keeping its citrus flavor, lemonade embraces the crisp and light flavors of the cucumbers. Resulting in a lightly sweetened balance.

If you’re looking for a way to kick this drink up a notch, we recommend rimming your glass with our Klass Chilito and the juice of one lime.